Friends Forever Results

Thank you so much for signing up for our Friends Forever 5K!

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Post your results below:

Rank First Name Last Name TIME (minutes) Comments
1 Tim Taylor 19 Awesome run.
2 crystal heeg 23 IR4 Ali
3 Isabella Hain 23
4 Kristi Rouleau 24 So glad to be able to run in this virtual race for my buddy Isaac. He always gives me my drive to be successful in my runs.
5 Sarah Sapper 24 This run was part of a training run for the Akron Marathon. My friend, Sarah DeLeo, has been training with me for months to accomplish the marathon route! I would not have been able to accomplish the distances we have already ran without her by my side. Sarah has been my rock and encouragement along the way. I am grateful for her and all she has done.
6 Angela Baumgartner 25
7 kirsty swabey 25 I ran for my buddy in America, she is part of the I run 4 siblings group. My inspiration and motivation, steady run on the treadmill due to bad weather, was quite a challenge as my first run since a foot injury. Can’t wait to send my buddy her medal
8 Kristelyn Kalchthaler 25
9 Dawn Gruber 25 Ran the Waterford Full Moon 4 miler! It was a night race starting at 8:30 at night. Starts out on a hill and the first mile has multiple hills and then it gets easier. My husband walked/run the event. I did it for my BFF of 26 years Lori! She has been so supportive of all my endeavors in life and I love her like family. It was 80 degrees and humid but a nice night for a run otherwise. My husband and I have been sick with a cold all week and had not been able to run much all week. I did better than expected and finish 4 miles in 35:40, which got be 5th place for my age group of 40-44. Ran into a bunch of neighbors that we see running all the time and a former patient who was doing this as her first run in 2 years since an accident the broke her leg! It was a great event and I hope to do it again next year!
10 Tara Henry 25 I ran for Tanner! Although, it was my slowest time ever because I haven’t been able to train since I’ve been on vacation, I still pushed myself to do this for the best buddy ever!
11 Rochelle Monson 26 Forever a running buddy & friend…my daughter. πŸ™‚
12 Ruthie delwiche 26
13 Dawn Gruber 26
14 Charleen Jones 26
15 Becky Lee 26.35
16 Shirley Haese 27
17 Shelly Zartman 27 Today I ran my 5k and dedicate it to Ireland, my running buddy. We have only been matched for a few weeks but she is already inspiring me with all the accomplishments she makes daily. When I don’t feel like running, she is on my mind and I always push through knowing she is struggling every day to just sit up. My 5K was part of my marathon training run and I ran my normal short route just outside of town. It is so relaxing with just the farms and cornfields and very little traffic. I love the idea of the virtual runs because I just add them in to my normal training and I can do them when I have the time. I look forward to doing many more. Thanks!
18 Ruthie Maldonado-Delwiche 27
19 April Sormano 27 I ran my Friends Forever 5k on August 4th with my sweet friend, Sandi. I ran for my IRun4 buddy, Toni Rose. Toni and I were matched a little over a month ago, and I have already ran many miles for her and been in touch via facebook through posts and videos and also mail. She is a very spunky 8 year old who loves to tell “knock, knock” jokes. I’m looking forward to running many more miles for Toni and maybe someday, we can run together! Thank you for the the opportunity to run this event. I love the medal and bib! I just mailed one of my medals and the bib to Toni this morning. I can’t wait for Toni to receive her gift in the mail. Thank you!!
20 Rehm Maggie 28
21 Jaime Jordan 28
22 Susan Kern 28
23 cassandra Williams 28
24 Kim Amberg 28
25 Dustin Erhardt 28 Ran a 5K in Bismarck, but was with the Iron Cowboy who was running his 50th IronMan in Utah. #IC505050 inspired!
26 Shannon Meyer 28.3
27 Emily Webster 28.65
28 Beth Hayes 29 I Run 4 Gareth!
29 Jessee Edworthy 29
30 Pegy Yehl 29
31 Lori Grummer 29
32 Andrea Resende 29
33 Sibylle Jacobs 29 It is one of these warm; let’s say hot summer mornings here in Texas. I hop out of bed, I have to admit the cat helps a lot with that. I lace up my shoes and here I go, another training run for the #TCNNYCMarathon and today I am dedicating all my miles to my fellow dashers. Texas is waking up, butterflies, lizards, and dragonflies all around the neighborhood. They are the usual crowd besides other early risers, all wearing nike outfits, headphones and friendly faces. While I conquer my road and look at my beautiful surroundings I remember last fall when I ran my first half in San Francisco. The training was fun and I met a lot of fellow runners, first virtually and then in person. And now I know that there is at least one other avid runner in California with the same mindset as myself and I am very happy that we are friend and can share this run.
34 Randi Goetke 29 love the medal! so excited to send to my Irun4 buddy!
35 Carol Miller 29 It was a great day for a run. It was a long 340 in Pennsylvania a little hill. But a lot of animals to see on the way along with some Amish. I enjoyed the event because my friend lives in FL now and we can do it together even if we are in the same state.
36 Susan Wood 30 such a fun time to enjoy with your bestie. Some girl bonding time! What a great idea for Moon Joggers to come up with this concept. The medals are awesome!!
37 Michele Harcarik 30 I ran for Belah. This was just a regular fun run that I do every week with a run club. The weather was humid!
38 Glenda Langton 30
39 ‘mione Morgan 30 I did this run for my best friend Rose (also known as Honey to me). we have been the best of friends since starting school almost 40 years ago. She is coming to stay with me the last week in August so we can celebrate her birthday which is early September. She is most worthy of this medal and I had a great run thinking of her. This was a treadmill run as it is still winter and dark before work here. The distance just flew by as I planned our week together and when I will present her with her medal πŸ™‚
40 Valerie Zurita 30 It was hot outside today, but ran my normal 5k route with my 9yr old who helped me push through the heat!! I ran for friends of course, my running buddy who wakes at 4am everyday to run with me!! Love the medal!!
41 Renee Miller 30
42 Diane Thomas 30
43 ryiah nevo 30
44 Payton Doucette 30
45 Ellie Ireland 30.59
46 Chris Wells 31
47 Jennifer Lindstrand 31 My boyfriend and I are both runners, but separated by 2,072 miles. We decided to do this 5k together, but apart. We motivate each other, and complete each other. He’s my best friend, and always will be. Plus, he’s pretty cute. So there’s that.
48 Shannon Johnson 31
49 Kendra Waldrop 31 A year ago this month, a very special little girl entered my life. After months of waiting, I was finally matched with my I Run 4 buddy, Baby K. I’ve ran lots of races this past year but although today’s run was my slowest to date and most challenging, it was one of my favorites. I tried to use every excuse in the book to give up, turn around and run the race again a different day. It was close to 90 degrees out, I’m nearly 6 months pregnant, I’m slow, legs hurt, headphones broke, ect. but every time I thought about quiting, this sweet little girl’s face popped into my head so I kept on pushing. You see, Baby K has MS and isn’t able to walk, let alone run but yet she works so hard at therapy several times a week pushing herself each time. If she can push herself then I can fight through this run for her. She is the strongest little girl I know. I’m so happy that I found this group and that God brought this sweet girl into my life.
50 Yew Cheng Tan 31
51 Corrin Stilwell 31
52 Theresa Evans-Wooten 31 I run for Andrew. He’s a sweet 6 years old and has autism along with other issues. He likes riding horses and being in the water. This was the first part of my 5 mile training run. It was SO HOT and HUMID! I wanted to quit so badly but I promised myself I would not walk at all – even on hills – during Andrew’s 5K. I had to remind myself the entire run who it was for. Overall, I’m happy with the time – it is within my normal pace range. We won’t discuss the next 2 miles! We (Andrew and I) are currently training for the Ragnar in Maryland/DC. Boy, do I need him to complete this race!
53 Tara Lind 31
54 Randee Lesnick 31
55 Daniel Shidiskis 31
56 Rachel Beyer 31
57 Dawn Berrien 31 I admit it…I loved the medal so did not run it for anyone but myself. After all, I am my own best friend! However, I am proud of the fact that I am trying to improve my 5K time and I got close to the mark on this one!
58 Kelly Wildeman 31 I ran my virtual 5K race tonight around my town on Long Island for my buddy, Graydon in Maryland. My “G-Man” is very special to me! Running the Friends Forever 5K was a perfect way to show my gratitude for the inspiration he has given me. Happy Friendship Day!
59 Jennifer Knight 31
60 Khristi Lister 31.
61 Kristi Woika 31.14 My Friends Forever 5k is one of my legs from the Hood to Coast Relay in Oregon. My team just completed it yesterday….198 miles of sweat, no sleep, running 3 legs in the relay and FUN! The attached picures are of one half of my 12 member team (Van #1, my van) and my friend that is doing the Friends Forever 5k with me, Lyssy. She and I are sharing the medal after surviving the Hood to Coast together. What a great event!
62 Dawn Fernando 31.45 Sarah never ceases to inspire me to get out there and get it done. I run for Sarah and Sarah cheers for me!!!
63 Beth Blye 32
64 Jamey Bettencourt 32
65 Rose Carey 32
66 Emily Breedlove 32 We had a blast!!
67 Jenny Reynolds 32
68 Megan Ras 32
69 Ness Stacy 32
70 Shannon Johnson 32
71 Shantel Cumbie 32 I loved doing this race in honor of my IR4 buddy! It was the perfect medal to share with her! Thank you! #IR4Leonora #WhoDoYouRunFor?
72 Nancy Nelson 32
73 Kathleen McWhorter 32 Ran w my two best friends πŸ™‚
74 Jessica Price 32 Had a great time running “with” my best friend Claire. I live in France and she lives in Italy but we talk every day and encourage each other to run! We loved this 5km and the medal!
75 Staci Hilby 32 Ran the friendship 5k for my I run 4 buddy Brizaeyah and talk about an awesome pace. When I told people I was moving here (FL) they said that the heat would kill my pace. I LOVE proving people wrong. My pace keeps improving since I’ve been here and to think I run up some super crazy hills (my town is known for it’s hills). Proof right here that hills help with your endurance and speed. I love living here!
76 ashly boyle 32
77 Dawn Silberman 32.07
78 Dawn Silberman 32.07
79 Deanna Santana 32.15
80 Sara Blessinger 33
81 Ann Jonalyn Johnson 33 Love running with my BFF’s!
82 Darlene Bezerra 33
83 Sarah Wright 33 I ran for Carissa as part of the IR4siblings group. I’ll post her half to her across the pond soon. Thank you for organising this πŸ™‚
84 Ashley Worshek 33
85 Diana Byron 33 I started running 5 years ago and I was lucky enough to run into Tammie Gillespie one morning during a local 5K 3 years ago. We’ve been running buddies ever since and have been all over NC running races. This year we’re training for our first Marathon in November. Exciting times! I not only call her my running buddy & BFF but, a sister from another Mother. Running brings out the best and worst of us and she never judges. Always there with a helpful, encouraging word, positive outlook and even an extra excuse if need be to get me to the finish line. I thank running for bringing us together! What better way to celebrate with a Friends Forever Medal!
86 Colleen Chahal 33
87 Lori Michell 33 I ran on August 8th, 2015. It was the first ever 5k for the Birmingham Alabama Crisis Center. It was a great 5k for me and my first since mid June. I was hoping to get a PR and I actually beat my last time by 2:05! I was very happy. I ran for my best friend in the world. I can tell this person everything and anything. This person knows more about me then anyone else and i cherish our friendship.
88 Kellie Moore 33 I completed my 5 k on a treadmill using my Nike app. I have uploaded the run result here.
89 Joy Barron 33.55
90 Cam Riley 34 I love being able to choose my location to fit my busy work schedule. This is awesome and fun too.
91 Kalie Wikel 34
92 Melinda Mangham 34
93 Diane Ross 35
94 Caryn Miller 35
95 Stephanie Woodrow 35 Just did this run on outside for the first time in several months as it has been too hot to run outside here in Las Vegas! It was so incredibly nice! I am so glad I have these runs to keep me on track for my marathon a training.
96 Tiffany Cash 35
97 Jennifer Kirkgaard 35
98 Stephanie Woodrow 35 I love your virtual runs! They have helped me stay motivated during marathon training!
99 Paige Hone 35 Had a fun time running this race for my IRUN4 buddy Alyx!! Cant wait to get our medals!
100 Kara Kessel 35
101 Chi Mach 35
102 Alexandra White 35
103 Leslee Saylor 35
104 Olivia Ellis 35
105 Melissa Stocks 35
106 Emily Osinsky 35
107 Tracy Rain 35
108 Janette Harshman 35.08 I am proud to say I got my best time yet doing this 5k. I remember about 2yrs ago my best friend tried to help inspire me to run. What a joke it seemed like to me. I couldn’t even do a block. She kept pushing me to do better. She wanted to help me get healthy. That was the start of my journey. Since then we have done a 5k and 10k. Now we are training for a 1/2 marathon. She certainly lite a fire under my rear. I am so happy to say I did this one for her. She has been my rock through all this. I never in my wildest dreams could I have done this without her. Thank you Shawn for keeping me going.
109 thuy nguyen 35.28
110 ayana wasson 35.28
111 Karen McLaughlin 36
112 Thuy Nguyen 36
113 Carrie Huff 36
114 Jennifer Kirkgaard 36
115 Mindy Davis 36
116 Amanda Smith 36 I ran for my little buddy Kian who was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. For this race I actually ran 5 miles. I’m currently training for my first half marathon since having my son 9 months ago. I had signed up for a summer run series and this was the final race of the series at Jones Beach State Park. We ran along the water at times and it was so beautiful!
117 Lisa Gordon 36 My Friends forever 5k medal goes to my daughter. We both ran our very first 5k side by side almost 5 years ago.
118 Lonni Schnarrenberger 36 I did a run/walk combo for this event. This is my first virtual run, and I think this is a great way for people to share their friendship. I ran this for my best friend who is on deployment. I plan on sending her the other half of my “heart” Thank you for making this opportunity possible!!!
119 Jaime DeGroot 36.59
120 Karen Kaszak 36.75
121 Amy Hoehn 37
122 Tracy Glass 37 Ran with my 8 year old daughter. We’ve been running together since she was 4! Best running partner ever!
123 Bekah Moore 37
124 Karen Martin 37 I ran this for my Babe! He’s my everything. Our anniversary is during the month of August, and this medal is the perfect gift… especially since he definitely holds my heart. <3 πŸ™‚
125 Mark Harrison 37
126 Amy Nelson 37 Tough run today. Getting over a sinus infection with heat and humidity. Ran solo without my pup because of the humidity. No hills allowed course ordered by my massage therapist. Ran to cemetery to visit my father in law’s grave. The bottle of Heineken is still there. My favorite thing is that I got out and did it. In a slump and need to get in order to start marathon training. Thanks for the opportunity. I am hoping to share my medal with my sister in law.
127 kathleen staten 37 These were my favorite buddy race medals ever. Loved this race for friendship day! IT was my fastest 5k! A personal best. Thanks for the donations to IRUN4!
128 kenda mcclimon 37 My running “swole”mate and I decided to complete this run after we came home from a 10k this morning! We live in North Carolina and it is so hot that we tried to run the whole thing, but had to stop and walk a lot. We wore our bibs in a page sleeve and pinned them to the backs of our shirts so our community could see that we were running for a cause. There was a community-wide garage sale event today, so plenty of people were able to see what we were running for πŸ™‚
129 Sherri Ryan 38
130 Matt Brattin 38
131 Heidi Boucher 38 Awesome love these runs
132 Liana Drake 38 Thought I submitted my results already.
133 Candy Anaya 38
134 Heidi Boucher 38 Great medal love doing these virtual runs keeps me motivated!!
135 Crystal Turpin 38
136 Monteigne Long 38 So much fun to run with my sole sisters and friends!
137 Kayla Hengami 38
138 Jennifer Mitchell 38
139 Claire Willett 38.5
140 Kristen MacGregor 38.98 I ran it with my daughter who turned 8 on the 8th!
141 jenifer porter 39
142 Dorothy Hughes 39
143 Shundeez Faridifar 39 I am so lucky that I got to do this with my best friend. I love starting this journey with her.
145 Megan Rayborn 39 I love this event. I think it is absolutely wonderful. I ran this 5k for my fiancΓ© who is a huge runner. He is the person that inspired me to run. I plan on wearing these medals in one or more of our wedding photos and at our reception because he is my very best friend.
146 Debra DiRocco 39 No one better to do this run with than the BEST run buddy I could ever have, my dear friend Dee Martinez! Dee and I have been running together now for about 2 years and we always start together and finish together! We continue to motivate and push eachother more and more every day! Dee’s husband and some other friends ran with us. We ran 12 miles but our 3 mile mark was timed at 39 minutes per my Nike app. We started at 6:30 a.m. so the hot humid weather didn’t kick in until about an hour into the run. The paved trail was awesome, it was very shady and had some hills which made it a challenge. We ran 12 miles to train for an upcoming half marathon and a full marathon. This was an awesome run and thank you for the awesome friends forever medal!
147 Misty Hamilton 39
148 Carisa Del Borrello 39 Beautiful weather. I ran pushing my toddler in a double stroller. I ran for my buddy, Kaidyn!
149 Heather Giammaria 39.17 Running with my best friends forever, my husband and son!
150 Heather Giammaria 39.17 Running with my best friends forever, my husband and son!
151 Luke Funair 40
152 Melanie Fleming 40
153 Sara Bailey 40 I Run 4 Bailey!! I also got lost on my run, so I ran extra for her!!! The Wyoming weather was perfect!
154 Kathryn Bacon 40
155 Erin Olson 40 It was a slower time…but our first Trail Run ever.
156 Stephanie Espey 40
157 kris troutman 40
158 Elvyn Gonzalez 40
159 Bertha Johnson 40 While running I was thinking about my friendship with this wonderful woman, who I’m been friend for over 23 years, she’s always been here for me, when I need her the most. She’s my partner in crime. We’ll always be friends because we no to much. LOL
160 Shari Ashley 40
161 Jill Emeno 40 Ran our Friendship run tonight with my fabulous run crew, the “Bad Chickens”! We’ve been known to cut a few corners and make our own rules, hence earning the nickname from a previous coach and it stuck. Love these girls to the moon and back!
162 Krystin Baron 40
163 alison wieler 40 i ran 5k pushing 17 mth old in stroller. she goes on all my runs, so this ones for her. Her first medal!
164 Lucinda Rodriguez 40 I ran this race with my cousin Helena Seitz! It was her first virtual run!!!! Yaaaaaaay Helenaaaaaa
165 Robert Giammaria 40 Ran with my wife and son: friends forever!
166 Rondalyn Reynolds 40.14
167 Robert Giammaria 40.14 Ran with my 2 best friends forever: my wife and son!
168 Liana Drake 41
169 Heidi Thompson 41 Had to walk most of this one.
170 Sarah Nickoles 41
171 Amber Bloom 41 I made the 5k a trail race at Englewood Metropark in Englewood, OH. It was a hot 82 degrees but the trail is shady and the humidity wasn’t too bad. I was sore after running 10 miles yesterday so my start looked more like waddling than running. I run 4 Shayla so I pressed on and my legs eventually loosened up. Shayla has been such an inspiration to me. I love running for her and making her proud of me has pushed me to increase my mileage during the year and 8 months that we’ve been matched. I love IR4!!
172 Angela Urena 41.10
173 Lisa Smith 41.50
174 Tiffany Peniston 42
175 Ethel Guerrero 42
176 Amanda Moore 42
177 Melissa Ayers 42
178 Wendy Torres 42
179 Nicole Sapp 42
180 Connie Strickland 42 The other half of my medal I am giving to my son. He was/is my biggest supporter. I ran my first 5K with him and his kids. I have only done 5 5k”s and this is my 1st Virtual 5K. I usually run at Plantation Central Park which is such a nice park. I run the 5K’s for the exercise and to prove to myself that I can do it!!! Not for the time. I look forward to participating in future Virtual 5k runs and hopefully when my son is not working he can join me πŸ™‚ Thank you. Connie
181 Jennifer Kirkgaard 42
182 Ashley Cox 42 This was my first 5k ever, and I ran it with my best friend, my husband! We are looking forward to participating in many more 5ks in the future.
183 Carmen Ordonez 42 I ran with my daughter for my daughter. She’s 10 yrs. old and she just thought that was awesome to get her own medal. Great fun! I really enjoy virtual races. -Carmen-
184 Melissa Birdsong 42
185 Windy Robles 42 Did my first “5K”. I bought new shoes and wanted to try them out. For my first 3 mile run, I don’t think I did too bad. Looking forward to more.
186 Linsday Herring 42
187 kendra becker 42.13
188 Janette Berry 42.40
189 Ellaena Ales 43 8th 5K for my girls!! Not bad!
190 Andrea Norden 43
191 Simone Odom 43
192 Kristin Higley 43 Today I ran the Friends Forever 5K on my own in my favorite place on earth: Garden of the Gods. I’m not very in shape right now, so it was a very difficult run, but I did it, and I’m very proud of myself. I ran this race for my best friend Sean. He is having back surgery on Monday, so his running days may be behind him. I can’t wait to give him his medal. πŸ™‚ Garden of the Gods is a national natural landmark with huge, beautiful red rocks. And Pikes Peak is right where you can see it in all its glory. We’ve had a very rainy summer, so there was a lot of vegetation on the sides of the path. I used to run there every day, so it was nice to be back. This was a fun event. I look forward to doing more.
193 Alyssa Mounts 43
194 Nickie Perger 43
195 Rachel Wilk 43
196 Sarah Beever 43 My run was hard. It was mainly up hill, then a little down hill and the end. Longer then I had anticipated but I completed. My best friend of 22 years is going to receive the other half in the email.
197 Jen Lippel 44 I ran this 5K for my best friend Theresa. I gave her one half of the medal for her birthday, and when I explained the concept of the virtual run, she really liked it. So, we agreed that it would be fun to actually run it together. We couldn’t exactly make that work, since she lives far away from me. We ended up running together (but separately) in two different cities! I ran outdoors in Pleasanton, CA and she ran indoors in Fresno, CA. We chose a time in the afternoon, and texted each other when we started and finished. Her time was 34 minutes 20 seconds, and mine was 43 minutes 45 seconds. She beat me! We both had a blast.
198 Niki Werner 44
199 Jodie Stoddard 44
200 Tara Funair 44
201 Evelyn Mathis Switzer 44 Fun day with Caryl Dimmare, more talking than running and mostly walking, but a great morning spent with a friend. Coffee after and catching up after no seeing each other for 6 months.
202 Ashley Campbell 44
203 Laurie LomickA 44
204 Shayla Grigsby 44 So lucky to have this woman in my life. She is my best friend and we push each other to be better! With out her i would still be sitting on the couch instead of running 5 and 10k’s or our half marathon! Thank you for loving me and for loving my children!
205 Lori Reattoire 44
206 Kristy Thomas 44.04
207 Eda Starostanko 45
208 Erin Alldredge 45
209 Laura Winston 45 I started out running with my 3 year old daughter in a stroller, through a paved and beautiful wooded path on a 70 degree day. However, we stopped quite a few times to check out the wildlife (prairie dogs and squirrels), look over the bridge at the water flowing down the stream and the birds’ nests attached on the side, and took in all the beautiful sights of nature along the way. Our “run” turned into a wonderful scenic adventure together that I would have spent all day doing with her! We’re going on another run soon!!
210 George Wells 45
211 Julie Katarzy 45
212 Jennifer Flegel 45
213 Heidi Thompson 45
214 Aracely Flores 45
215 Jody Bramer 45.13
216 Laura Smalley 45.23
217 shannon entrekin 46
218 Debbi Spencer 46 Walked with my very best friend of 26 years. Did an evening 5K run/walk on a golf course. It was hot and humid with a lot of hills but the best part was we were together. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to surprise my BFF with your beautiful medal. You are awesome.
219 Amanda Jungclaus 46
220 Carol Dixon 46.30 I went a little slower this time since I just did a 5k yesterday. I went out with my puppers Max and we had a great time!
221 Lori Reattoire 46.5 I ran for Noah in this 5K, and he got his VERY OWN medal to share with his BFF! My run was in our Greenbelt area, a great day for a run!
222 Katie Lietz 47
223 Stephanie Jacovini 47 The Voorhees Vixens wran again!
224 Jessica Bermel 47 I just started running pretty recently, after having some health issues, I wanted to start getting back into shape and feeling good about myself again. I ran this 5K for my friend who somewhat introduced me and has helped me strengthen my endurance when it comes to running. She is always encouraging me and challenging me to strive for more. We did my first 5K together last weekend and this one, I wanted to do for her!
226 Sheri Robinson 48
227 April Amelio 48
228 Jodie Stoddard 48
229 Cari Hagopian 48 Awesome 5k with my beautiful daughter!, We ran for you , Maddox!
230 Sheri Robinson 48
231 Heidi Berryhill 48
232 priscilla borden 48 I mostly walked because I am recovering from surgery. Felt good to do it. I am a lone walk/runner. The weather is not too hot, 97 degree, but have some humidity. I love the virtual run because you can do it anytime before.
233 Jennifer Catron 48 Ive been doing this 5k every night for the last five nights. These virtual races are hopefully going to keep me motivated throughout the summer when I can’t find a race nearby.
234 David Carey 49 Thank you.
235 Kelly DeHaut 49
236 Heather Davis 49 My friend Amanda and I are on our quest to fitness together. We go to the gym every morning and utilize their childcare! So our 5k was done on treadmills this was our first and I alternated between walking and jogging but we both felt very accomplished and proud of ourselves and can’t wait to sign up for another!
237 Tina Hollis 50
238 Vicki Sparrow 50
239 Chris Faucett 50
240 Tina Hollis 50
241 Alana Ashley 50 I’ve been training for a 5k and decided to use today’s training as my submission. I run in the gym on the treadmill 2 to 3 times a week to train using the “Couch to 5k” app. I’ve never been a runner but 2 years ago one of my best friends, she’s really my big sister, got diagnosed with ARVD-C. It’s a rare heart disease that has changed her life in so many ways. She used to run marathons all over the world. She had a goal to run one marathon on every continent. Her husband, another of our best friends and I traveled to Europe and South America after she finished running marathons in the US. The next continent on the list was Asia but the dream had to come to an end because doctors said running could kill her. She and my brother in law did one short final run in October of 2013. I vowed then that I was going to attempt to pick up where she left off and finish the last 4 continents in her honor. Thing is, I’m not a runner. I would rather do just about anything else than go for a run so I’ve started and stopped the training multiple times since then but this time I’ve really been giving it my all. When I discovered the “Friends Forever 5K” I thought it was perfect! I love the idea and it gave me the incentive to push through. I had reached a plateau of 2.1 miles and this run gave me the push to get through to the last mile. It would’ve been nice if there was a race nearby for me to compete in but I felt today’s training was perfect for a few reasons. I’ve seen my sister, brother in law and her best friend run and the challenges that they’ve faced with some of their marathons and half marathons. I caught a cramp in my left leg while doing my run today so I had to walk most of the training. I also needed to push myself to complete the last mile in the last few weeks. I also had a goal of completing the race in no more than 40 to 45 minutes and even with a cramp and walking almost a 2 miles I still finished in 50 minutes. I’m proud of myself and I’m happy I was able to get myself to a good start and looks forward to improving my time so I can reach my ultimate goal of completing these marathons for Lisa.
242 Linda Boutin 50 My BFF lives in FL & I live in CA. This morning we both walked the Friends Forever 5K to earn our 1/2 medal! The weather was warm and beautiful for both of us although her FL walk had the lovely addition of humidity. We’ve been friends since 2nd grade (54 yrs) & loved sharing this event together even if it was 3000 miles apart! Another wonderful memory to add to our ‘friendship’ treasure chest.
243 Sam Laskaris 50
244 Beth DiBiasio 50 This morning I did the Friends Forever 5k in honor of my original running mentor and Freshman college roommate, Laurie Malone. Thanks for getting me into it all those years ago…glad I found it again after all these years!!!!
245 Ashley Townsend-Rogers 51
246 Sherry Newman 51 we did the run together. .I am in Tn , she is in IL. Both injured but we got it done.
247 Christina O’Neill 51.24
248 Jessica Hermanson 52 I did this as part of my 5k race at my state fair this year. What a blast! Still dealing with a knee injury to I walked most of it and tried to jog as I could. Glad to do this run… IR4Josh! It was a muggy day but I was glad to do this race and make it special for my Irun4 buddy πŸ™‚
249 Selen Erdal 52.39
250 Barbi Scheel 53
251 Jennifer Smalleyl 53 This started my post partum journey back to running. I did the first day of the couch to 5k and kept walking until I hit 3.1 miles. It was also the first time I ran with my children in the double jogger! I ran in the park and it was a glorious, sunny day.
252 Susan Coleman 53
253 Lynn Fuller 53
254 Jeannette Juricic 53 I ran for my best friend, Teresa, who really hates running so much. I still love her anyway.
255 Wanda Wanie 53 Completed 2 races in one with my Bestie Beth. We signed up for the Packers 5K and decided to do this run at the same time. What better way to do a run than inside historic Lambeau Field in Green Bay WI! We chose to walk the run and include my daughter in the event. My favorite part of the event was having my family there, sharing the walk with my daughter Grace and my Bestie, Beth. We had a great time together walking, laughing and just enjoying a beautiful evening.
256 Tina O’Toole 54 This 5K was very special to me. I have struggled with weight loss for quite some time, but have become more active through virtual racing. It allows me to get up and speed walk at my own pace, in my own space. I saw this race and knew it was for my daughter and me. She is 9 years old and was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. This means she was born with half a heart. She has been through three open heart surgeries, and is doing very well. While running can be too much for her, walking is great, and she is my walking buddy. The halves of these medals represent our bond as well as all she has overcome to be able to walk like this. We may be a little slower than most, but we are walking, we are active, and we are trying to be healthy together.
257 Christine Leddon 54 I finally finished my run/walk this weekend. I wanted to be ready to “run” the entire thing, but as someone with Rheumatoid Arthritis I’ve had to learn to be patient with my disease. Some days, it’s very cooperative…some days, not so much. This weekend was amazing outdoor weather (for Kansas in August) so I elected to lower my performance expectations (i.e. walk more run less) so I could take advantage of the unseasonably cool weather. To paraphrase the poet laureat Robert Frost: “The park was “lovely dark and deep, and I had miles to go before I sleep.”
258 Susan Williams 54 I ran this race in memory of my daughter, Kimberly. August 2 is also her birthday. She is “Forever 17” but will always be my BFF! I also shared the medal with her!
259 Alice Piacentini 54
260 Meghann Kruse 54 My sister and I took a nice power walk and had a lovely chat. Lauren runs 4 Brandon! I run 4 Thomas!
261 Marilyn Wolff 54.49 A morning walk in the hot Texas weather with my best buddy, my husband!
262 Sophia M Hampton 55 This one is for my sweet angel Justin! #iRun4Justin #IRunForThoseWhoCant #MySunshineOnAnyDay #MyInspiration #MyMotivation #FriendsForever5k
263 Jennifer Bell 55
264 Pia Ramirez 55
265 Rita Espinoza 55
266 Samantha Sweets 56
267 Katie Adomaitis 56.42 It was a great evening for a 5k with my bestie!! We walked around the park & caught up on things going on in our crazy busy lives.
268 Brenda Boltz 57
269 Jennifer DAHLGREN 57
270 cheryl steinke 57 We did a bubble run 5k….. Totally a blast!!
271 Athena Reed 58 I ran 5 miles today and my friend is also running in Virginia. I’m giving her the other half of this friends forever medal! I had a great run this morning here in Florida. Thank you so much!
272 Carol Carey 58 Thank you.
273 Laura Yarbrough 58 I walked the 5k with one of my favorite running buddies, Sheri Woodyward. We walked because we ran 7 miles the day before. I surprised her with the 5k. I would not be a runner if it wasn’t for her. We started running together 3.5 years ago and I love her for it. Don’t know what I would do without her!
274 Emily Caners 58.53
275 Heather Caners 58.53 Did this with my best friend and our kids. We had a great time. Very slow but we had fun. The kids loved getting their medals and can’t wait to take them for show and tell.
276 Pam Ellis-Phipps 59
277 Lori Anderson 59
278 Tara Sanderson 59.25 Super cute! Had a great walk with my walking buddy and completed it with pride!
279 Amanda Hawthorne 60
280 Matt Miller 60
281 Megan Lane 60
282 Maygan Landry 60 Got to walk with my BFF of 20+ years. It was so great!!
283 Stephanie Alton 60 Had a great run. Excited to see the medals
284 Matthew Miller 60
285 Lauren Gauger 60
286 Megan Madoyi 60.11 Did this event in San Diego with my very best friend, my wife.
287 Chris Newcomb 61
288 Brenna Monsen 61.40
289 Candy Long 62 I did this run for one of my forever friends, Beth Hardy. It was very hot and humid that day at Stoney Creek Metro Park in Shelby Township MI, but I got it done!
290 Tina Marshall 62
291 Irene Schoofs 62
292 ashley katherine harrison 62 I walked with Jane Ireland. I had my hip replaced so I can’t run anymore. But, this is my first walking event since surgery! So glad to do this with Jane πŸ™‚ We walked at Lake Pflugerville.
293 Cathryn Cochran 64 This was our first virtual walk and I loved the flexibility. The medals are so adorable. I also loved that the proceeds go to a worthy cause. We walked a little more than 3.1 miles (3.34 miles to be exact). Looking forward to next month…. we’re already registered for Sept & Oct πŸ™‚
294 Venetia Bennett 64 Our first virtual run/walk!! Had a blast!! See you next month…already registered for Sept and Oct.
295 margaret kralovich 64
296 Sarah Carroll 65
297 Heidi Hodgkinson 65
298 Mindy Shaffer 65
299 Tara Donai 67 We actually used our time from an 8k that we ran on Saturday. Our town finally brought back the Morgantown Marathon (Morgantown WV) as well as the WVU Medicine Half and the Mountain Mama 8k.. My running partner and I competed/participated in the Mountain Mama 8k – it was so much fun as this was both of our 1st 8k’s. Our course was poorly marked, half of the people in front of us were doubling back and 1 lady actually quit after running for 50 min and still had almost a mile to go (she got lost and there were no race helpers to tell her which way to go). Also, this race had poor water cooler positioning (they only had 1 and it was before mile 3 even). The weather was fabulous, when we boarded the transportation shuttles it was around 50 degrees (freeeeeezing to me) but slowly the sun came out and it warmed us all right up! According to my FitBit we finished with a 13 min mile which was acceptable and fast for us, so we were pretty stoked! My running partner and i loved this challenge – the dual medals, I hope you do more of these in the future!!
300 Velveeta Knox 68 Did 5K walk for friend with Diabetes.
301 Stephanie Sibole 69
302 Sherri Spicer 70 Me n my friend Teresa walked around cooper river park located in merchanville New Jersey on this cloudy Saturday September 12, 2015 for friends 4ever 5k. Teresa is a friend I met at work she’s a 2 time breast cancer survivor like my late mama which passed away from lung problems. This is our 2nd 5k this year we did a color run. I dedicate all my 5k in honor of my mama I grew up w/o a car n we walked everywhere n the last 18 months my mama was wheelchair bound . I’m not a runner n I can only jog a little n try to get my 10,000 steps daily with my fitbit trying to lose weight. Thank you for having this virtual runs.
303 Schreba Haynes 70
304 Alexandra Krider 70
305 Lori Thomka 72
306 Melissa Mayer 73.5 So much fun with my best friend! Took the kids with their bikes, they were so excited they were racing! Sunny and high sixties was perfect weather!
307 Azlina Gavasso 74 I’m currently battling with my weight. At 5′ 2″ and 284 pounds, I’m at the heaviest weight of my life. But this physical condition is due to poor life choices and I’m not by any means restricted in my ability to move. Reading the stories on IR4 inspire me to take on the challenge. I invited my friend, Marilyn Simbulan to join me and together, we decided to use the Kenosha Sculpture Walk in Kenosha, Wisconsin as our course. According to our tracker, the total distance that we walked to see all 14 sculptures was 5.4km. The course included pavements, wooden sidewalk on the beach, as well as inclines and declines. It was a beautiful day and who knew walking 3 miles can be so fun! We plan to spread the word and challenge our friends to do another 5k before end of August. And this time, we plan to do it in less time.
308 Veronica Anderson 74 I didn’t take pictures on account of my hands being full. I decided to do this walk with my two kids and four dogs. It slowed my pace but when spending time with family (and friends) it isn’t about speed. My kismet, my friend for life, will receive the other half of this awesome medal. He isn’t able to do 5ks at this time but I know his spirit is always me.
309 Goldie Stone 75 Thousands of miles apart we did our virtual 5K earbud to earbud. This is our second virtual 5K together. She is my best friend and I’m lucky to also be her Sister!
310 Jennifer Miller 77
311 Jennifer Miller 78
312 Lizette Plock 80
313 Kimberly Longmire 92 I started on the outside track at the gym but moved indoors track and than moved back outside. My best friend lives in PA and she ran at same time as me for my IR4S Elijah. My first run for him/walk for him.
314 Sue Potteiger 100 I am slowly rebuilding my endurance and stamina after pulverizing my Big Toe. I signed up for this while I was still unable to run..(total of 14-16 weeks) All of my running except the first day has been on a treadmill where I can keep my speed consistent…SLOW… and build up time on my feet! This picture is after 30 minutes when I accidentally hit the key on the treadmill…I went back for another 15 after that! I ran/walked this in particular for ALL of my best friends who have stood by and supported me/held my hand while battling PTSD and Domestic Violence and their aftermath! I am using this as part of my physical and mental rehab…on my way to train for my second annual Half Marathon in Philly in November.
315 Nicki Wheeler 105 8k trail race/walk. Lots of hills, lovely views. Time for full walk.

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