Global Group Run Around the World

National Running Day is June 7, 2017!?! The earth is 24,900 miles around. To celebrate National Running Day on Wednesday, June 7, our goal is to recruit 24,900 people, from around the world, to go out and run at least one mile. This means, as a group, we will run the distance around the world in one day! This is a free event. Please invite your friends and kids and neighbors to join. Our goal is to get as many different people, from as many different countries as possible, to join us. If you know of anyone from a different country, please invite them to join us on this great adventure to celebrate RUNNING! 

What: This is a virtual run! Commit to run at least ONE MILE on National Running Day.

When: Complete your race on June 7, 2017

Where:  You choose the course and you time yourself (you’ll report your finishing time to us).

Why:  Because this is our way of celebrating National Running Day!