Leap Year Medal Updates

Hello Leap Year Racers!

I am writing to give you an update on the medals.  This has been completely frustrating and I am very sorry to say that your medals have not shipped yet.  I ordered the extra medals back in mid-January and was promised I’d have them in my hands in three weeks.  The company that produces the medals kept saying that I would have the medals in time for when I wanted them shipped out.  I am actually traveling internationally at the moment and have all of the shipping set up and the labels ready to be printed so my assistant could get them mailed out as soon as they arrived.  I know some of you are going to be upset about your medals coming after Leap Day and for that I apologize.  I have emailed the company again and again, yesterday’s response was that they didn’t know that the place that produces the medals celebrates the Chinese New Year and takes a few weeks off and closes operations this time of year.  Brian, the guy that handles our orders said,

As a company we dropped the ball for this Chinese New Year. And I am part of that. We have grown and because of staffing changes, we had a couple orders run late. We are at the mercy of Chinese Production, and I will not have anything on a timeline around this time next year. This is my second year working in this business and it’s a learning curve for me and us as a company.

I’ve always gotten our medals in a timely matter and this situation has been very stressful.  As of today, we have shipped out all of your bibs and you should get them soon.  Brian said there is a chance we could get the medals this week or early next week.  He says he will be overnighting them to us from China.  As soon  as they are delivered we will ship them out. So there is still a chance you could get them by February 29.  Again, I apologize. This is not the way I like things run and my goal is always to get medals shipped out when I say they’ll ship out.  But please know that they are coming.  I just wanted to be upfront and honest about what’s going on.  When I read the email that the medals had not been shipped yet I was very upset, but I’m bugging them every day until they get them to me.

Those that have already received their medals, or those of you that get your bibs and go out and do your race, please share your photos on our LEAP YEAR FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE. 

Also, I wanted to extend a 50% off code to two of our events:  WARBIRD RUN and EYEBALL RUN.  You can sign up using promo code LEAP50 and save 50% and your medals will ship within a couple of days of signing up.

Be sure to submit your Leap Year Results HERE.

Thank you so much for participating in our event and for your patience.  We do appreciate it and we love being able to raise money for great charities. So far we’ve raise more than $9.000 for the National Organization for Rare Diseases with this Leap Year race!

Happy Jogging!