Run Like a Pirate Results

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1 Mackenzie Ilari 21
2 Glenda Langton 22
3 Brad Anderson 24.5
4 Kyle Eugenio 26
5 Andrew Slackway 26
6 Shannon Thomas 27
7 Ben Gilkey 28
8 Shelby Thomas 28
9 Suzy Milliard 28
10 Kendra Waldrop 28
11 Jared Wescott 29
12 Kathy Parks 29
13 Alistair Burch 29
14 Carol Miller 29
15 Amanda McCartney 30
16 Melanie Davis 30
17 Ruth Bartholomew 30.24
18 kate30 neilly 30.42
19 catherine heredia 31
20 Penny Sparks-Eugenio 31
21 Karen Stampe 31
22 Stephanie Shidler 31
23 Chris Rice 31
24 Kristine Villa 31.54
25 Denise Carle 31.58
26 Tifiney Rey 32
27 Heidi Bredlow 32
28 Daniel Shidiskis 32
29 danielle simonsen 32
30 Mark Harrison 32
31 Krista Gray 32.18
32 Breann Buchholz 33
33 Carla Shreve 33
34 Claire Kittleson 33
35 Stephanie Woodrow 33
36 Jessica Johnson 34
37 Kristin Long 34
38 Lisa Knutson 35
39 Darin Flaska 35
40 MJ Robles 35
41 Mariana Schaffer 36
42 Lauren Moreno 37
43 Ethel Guerrero 38
44 Tisa Pritchard 38.12
45 Pam Stevens 38.48
46 Theresa Coventry 39
47 Karen Darby 39.13
48 Margery Johnson 40
49 Breeana Flaska 40
50 Karen Darby 40.25
51 Rosario Merizalde 41
52 Donna Martira 41
54 Alex MacGregor 41.75
55 Kristen MacGregor 41.75
56 Elizabeth Yahr 42
57 rachel adams 42
58 Connie strickland 43
59 Rachel Villa 43
60 Kyle Jones 44
61 Kim Meadows 44
62 Craig Hoffman 46
63 Adoralida Padilla 46
64 Sonia Harmon 46
65 Holly Seiferth 46
66 Carl Lind 46
67 Nickie Perger 47
68 Colin Wright 47
69 Michele Stromberg 47
70 Lori McClurg 48
71 jennifer crea 48
72 Katie Adomaitis 48.08
73 Stephanie Shipley 49
74 Kathleen Graham 50
75 Colleen Jones 51
76 Kristen Pereira 52
77 Chloe Rosen 52
78 Nicole Marschall-Rowe 52
79 Jill Harvey 53
80 Jim Johnson 55
81 Dorian Quillen 56
82 Sara Higgins 56.44
83 Veronica Anderson 58
84 Ashley Eugenio 60
85 Kristi Asher 60
86 Jon Eugenio 60
87 Jim S 60
88 Cathryn Cochran 61
89 Venetia Bennett 61
90 Kelly Clark 63
91 Joanne Harvey 64
92 Melody Walter 65
93 Clayton Gardner 70
94 Troy Huggins 70
95 Julie Lande 71
96 April Ballard 72
97 Jennifer Bradley 72.3
98 Melody Walter 73
99 Guadalupe (Lupe) Meyers 73
100 Kimberly Broome 75
101 Kelly Clark 80
102 Kimberly D’Andrade 86
103 Jordan Steele 90
104 Kimberly Warthman 93
105 James Taylor 121
1 Mary Jane C Hennessy Mensen 32.45
2 Mark Spence 38
3 April Anderson 47
4 Gabriela Torres 51.37
5 Joey Noto 55
6 Mark Fender 55
7 James Kodes 56
8 Anthony Solaqua 57
9 Scott Yahr 58
10 Bruce Bradley 58
11 redlin murphy 61
12 Leah Dillman 61
13 Kathleen Ockinga 64
14 jennifer piraino 70
15 Robbie Von Holle 71
16 Amy Westmoreland 72
17 Kristi Timm 72
18 Shane Scott 73
19 Rachel Beyer 74
20 elemar gonzalez 75
21 Holli Thomas 75
22 Candy Colbert 75
23 Shamieka Mason 76
24 kezia brodie 80
25 Hang Le 80
26 Heather Diamond 82
27 Aliya Redwood 82
28 Kathryn Mazzotta 83
29 Mirela Scott 83
30 Lisa Grover 84
31 Nancy Gonzalez 85
32 Christina Albers 92.23
33 Jonathan Strong 93
34 Alice Piacentini 93
35 Alicia Guzman 95
36 Julie Nuehring 99
37 Tessa Rinke 101
38 Courtney Pantelis 122
39 Lauren Gauger 134
40 Gary Gibson 165.75
1 Joseph Von Holle 135
2 anita bonesteel 140
3 George Rochester 145
4 Jeanna Adler 146.85
5 Patti Kuluris 150
6 Jodi Elwell 154
7 Danielle Goodrich 159
8 Amy Butcher 161
9 Karen McCann 162
10 Breana Gonzales 182
11 April LeMieux 197
12 Kathy Brammer 210
13 Heather Egan 247.35
14 Lori Dahl 252
1 Ruel Lipat 294
2 kenda mcclimon 387


Cathryn Cochran Waited until the last day of Sept to do this, but I like walking when I can make time (especially in the evenings when it’s cooler).
Chloe Rosen Trail running, saw some wildlife. Deer, a hawk and lots of cranes. Really cool run. Took about 52 mins to run the 5k. Total running time was 69 mins for 4.2 miles.
Kathleen Ockinga To be in the spirit, I yelled pirate phrases to all the cars that passed me! Scalliwags to ones that moved over and Scurvy dogs to those who didn’t! I appreciated ye mateys that slowed down!
kenda mcclimon This was my very first marathon! I was turning 26 on September 28th, so I wanted to hit 26 miles on September 26 –26 was the lucky number as you can see ;). Since there weren’t any marathons anywhere near me during the month of September, I decided to do a virtual run. I found the “Run Like a Pirate” event and knew immediately that it was fate since I went to grad school at East Carolina University (home of the Pirates). I decided to run an 11+ mile trail plus a connecting road for 13.1 in one direction and 13.1 back in order to track my miles in case my phone died and I would lose my running app. Plus, this way I HAD to complete the marathon once I was already 13.1 miles out if I wanted to get back to my car 😉 Unfortunately for me, the weather was not in my favor. It was pouring rain the majority of the time, it was cold and humid, my shoes and socks were soaked the entire time, and the trails were flooded. I did my best to run when I could, but was forced to walk a majority of the time since I was slipping and wanted to avoid injury (especially since I have a bad knee and wear a brace). I listened to the Book, “Wild” the entire time and could relate to the author’s experiences of misery, discomfort, and victory while she hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. Her experiences were echoing my own as I was asking myself why in the world I was doing this. When I finished the first part of the trail and ran on the busy road outside of it, I was getting splashed on by cars driving by fast and had to laugh because I still had to do everything I had just done all over again. A little into mile 14 I hopped back onto the trail and discovered that my wet, blistering feet and knee were too sore to run anymore. So, I walked. I tried to run, but eventually couldn’t bring myself to run in segments longer that 20-30 seconds for every five minutes I power walked. Eventually I couldn’t bring myself to run at all and slowllyyyyy walked every last mile for hours. When I returned to my car I had 4% of my phone battery left, and my running app said that I had completed 26.89 miles (probably from zig-zagging while I walked). By some miracle, I jumped out of my car, phone in hand, and ran the remaining .11 distance in order to hit an even 27, because at this point, what the hell? When I got in the car, I put my phone on the charger, called my family to let them know that I was now a MARATHONER, and to have a beer ready for me when I walked through the door. As far as my thoughts on running a marathon alone go…I would say go for it! I was so used to doing all of my training runs alone that it didn’t feel like a big deal to me, and running a virtual run gave me control over where and when I was going to run: which was nice for my family’s busy schedule. I did plan for my marathon to be around 5-5.5 hours and it ended up being 6.5 due to poor running conditions and planning; making being active for such a long amount of time extremely boring and lonely. Today, two days later and on my birthday, I’m still sore, but so glad that I accomplished my goal. I’m heading back to the gym for my first post-marathon workout on the bike, and looking forward to taking it easy for awhile. Will I ever do this again? Maybe, but not anytime soon. I prefer sticking around the half marathon distance for my long runs, and anything after that I find that my knee hurts and I’m exhausted for the remainder of the day. I do, however, plan on doing more virtual runs in the future. If it wasn’t for the availability of virtual runs, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goal and challenge myself this weekend. Thank you for the opportunity and I’m looking forward to running with you again soon!! -Kenda
Jessica Johnson This was my first race and I am glad I did it. I like the idea of virtual races because I am new to running and it does not make me feel like I am too slow
Kathryn Mazzotta This was my first ever 10K, and I had a blast! So motivating to know I was running like a pirate. Can’t wait to receive my race medal. Arr!!
Lisa Grover This was my first 10k race! I started training about 12 weeks ago. The course ran around a small lake, and along a stream, which was really beautiful. I definitely had the race jitters and started out way too fast! I slowed it down but was out of the gas by the end. I still beat my goal time, which was 85:00! It was really cool outside – about 30 degrees lower than the temp I had been running in, so it was good for running, but made me feel a little unprepared. This virtual race is special to me because my father is currently fighting prostate cancer. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to contribute to the cause while reaching my own goal!
Ruel Lipat This marathon was my very first time. I run by myself. It was fun and except that the weather was hot. This run was just a tune-up run and practice run for my Disney World Marathon on Jan 10, 2016. Based on my experience, after running, Its better to start slow, run slow to conserve energy and then finish strong. Thank you for the opportunity. Have a great day.
Jeanna Adler The one great thing about a virtual run is that you can choose when and where to run so that it fits into your schedule. I did my run starting at 5:30AM so that it did not interfer with the rest of my day. I took the opportunity to try out the trails in Plano, TX which I had not run before, which were great. Starting that early meant it was dark, but it was still cool and in Texas it is the best time to run during summer.
Lori Dahl The I did this was sunny and beautiful, and not too hot. A beautiful day for a half-marathon walk. It was the most fun I have had in an event because I was able to include my walking buddy/dog Bentley. This was my 10th half marathon this year. Only three more to go to meet my goal of a bakers dozen half marathons this year.
Venetia Bennett So ready for cooler weather, but in order to get that I would need to move out of South Florida…. :o/ Some day :o)
Mariana Schaffer Returning from a knee injury. This type of an event is a good way to return to running. Did this on a treadmill and hope to do more virtual races this year. What a great way to have fun and to help in fundraising for good causes.
Ethel Guerrero Ran the Deuce Braswell 5k
Theresa Coventry Ran at the Tridge in Midland, MI with my fellow pirate, Pam. I shaved three minutes off my most recent 5K time! It was a perfect, cool evening and we had a blast being the only two running with bibs – Pam even let out with an arrrggg as we passed a large group of exercisers. 🙂 After the race, in true pirate fashion, we drank rum at a local establishment, proudly displaying our medals for all to see!
Katie Adomaitis Our first night time 5k! Beautiful bright moon and we improved our time by 5 minutes!
Tifiney Rey My Grandfather died a few years ago on September 11th from prostate cancer. I ran this for him. A friend ran with me and we ran at an “easy going pace, for an easy going guy”.
Jennifer Bradley MY coworkers and I walked our 5K. All of us recently had back surgery so we thought this would be a good thing for us to do together for exercise. We walked around the Missouri Western College Campus, following their trails through the woods. IT was hot, 90+ degrees with 92% humidity. IT was fun.
Melody Walter Moving across country all the time, it is hard to find fun races to complete. Being able to run this on my own time is great! Thank you! Melody
Brad Anderson Me first race in me new Pirate shoes. Arrrr, matey, they be on me feet for less than a league when I took off like Davey Jones himself was areachin’ for me. Like the wind I did fly, even up hills that would have shown me keel if they’d been waves.
Mark Fender Made the most of my day off for Labor Day – left my home at 7:15 AM and headed out on one of my favorite local routes.
Stephanie Woodrow Love these little runs! it’s a way to make my marathon training so much more bearable! Had a great little run! Thank you for providing this!
PAIGE STRICKLAND I was recently in WDW and decided to do my Pirate run about the resort. It had been raining and I was dealing with a sore foot. Needless to say my time is a little slow for 3.1 miles, but under the circumstances, I’m pleased. I loved running around the resort area (the All Star Resorts on WDW property). The route was flat, I just had to dodge a lot of water puddles. Can’t wait to do my next one!
Rosario Merizalde I signed up to run for my buddy Corwin, we were matched thru the IR4 program, He is from England and he has congenital heart defect, he was born with half a heart. Its very hard for him to do any type of physical activity so I happily run for him and I send him all my medals. He loved that I dressed up for it, he got a good laugh from my pictures, he loves minions, so I had to include them on my pic collage. 🙂 Rosie
Guadalupe (Lupe) Meyers I Run 4 Caleb
Penny Sparks-Eugenio I ran with my husband, daughter, youngest son and 5yr old granddaughter! We ran for (Jim), my mom’s husband. The course we chose was a safe house development close to our home. The course had a lot of flat w/some elevation intervals…It was a Beautiful day-Perfect for running/walking and being together! Penny….arrrghhh!
Amy Westmoreland I ran with my favorite running partner, my 6 year old Great Dane, Nestle. I ran for my late grandfather, who passed away from cancer. I love running along Chena Lake, in North Pole Alaska so that is where I decided to run. I just ran and ran until I decided to turn around and run home. The scenery is beyond beautiful, I would have ran a lot faster than I did, but I had to keep stopping and take pictures because there is no way anyone would believe me it was so breath taking. I had to stop and just stare at the beautiful Alaskan trees changing colors. The weather was clear, the distance is normal for me. That is the average distance I run for a long run. I am currently training for a full marathon so it was a good friday evening run. It honestly helped me get more motivated, I have been pretty lazy about this training for the marathon, since I have 9 months to prepare for it. Thank you for providing such a fun run!!
Jodi Elwell I ran this half marathon with 2 of my closet friends. It was a great route through our little town of Syracuse! We loved it!
Holli Thomas I ran my 10K in my neighborhood by myself. We had a cool front blow into Houston and I took advantage of the lovely temperature. Flags were flying in remembrance of 9/11 so it was neat to see everyone honoring Patriot’s Day. This was my first virtual race and I enjoyed the flexibility of being able to choose the time and day when I wanted to run. I used to be an avid runner in my 20’s and 30’s and I am just now getting back into it in my 50’s. It was a great way to experience race day again on my own terms.
Candy Colbert I ran in Redding, CA. It was 100 degrees and very hot. The great part was that my daughter who lives in Alaska ran this race at the same time. That was super fun and it was for a good cause!
kezia brodie I ran by myself on a very brisk beautiful morning. This was my first virtual run, and I will be better prepared next time. I didn’t take any pictures. 🙁 I have been trying to run more consistently, and get my speed up. I will have pictures for the next one and hope to do a farther distance. I use a nike app to track my miles. Thank you.
Melody Walter I love running. I live on a busy road and always have my 5 year old with me. The virtual races allow me to run on a treadmill or around the neighborhood, without fear that I will lose my child in the crowd. Thanks! Here is to my THIRD race! “I may be slow but at least I am off the couch”
Jonathan Strong I had a great time doing the 10K this way and as an amazing extra treat when I was nearing home my 2 and 4 year olds came out to meet me. The 4 year old had my medal for me and my 2 year old got to act as water boy. Made a good run even better!
redlin murphy I got this in RIGHT BEFORE MIDNIGHT. Good thing I had a reflective vest and calf sleeves and my headlamp. My boyfriend rode his bike behind me the whole way on the trail. SAFETY FIRST!
Andrew Slackway I did my virtual race by myself but was greatly supported by a group of runners that train with me throughout the week. I picked the route that our team runs each time we meet through The Lakes area in residential roads. There were beautiful trees casting their shadows from the sun’s early light. My favorite part about the race was the last quarter mile when I picked up my pace, knowing that I was about to finish. This race was a challenge because it was longer than my usual runs. The weather was sunny and warm, because I ran in the morning it was not hot yet.
Troy Huggins I did it with some fellow new employees and we had a blast.
kate30 neilly had an amazing run this morning wasn’t expecting much after a slightly indulgent day at the weekend which included lots of wine!! But the sun was shining (which is not always the case in the uk) and i thought lets give it a go. As usual i was so pleased i did had a really great run thank you and so glad to be part of run like a pirate…almost stopped a poor man on the street to tell him my only joke which just happens to be a pirate joke!!!
Carl Lind Had a great race in Prescott on the Prescott Circle Trail.
Mary Jane C Hennessy Mensen Great day to run unfortunately hamstring issue prevented me from running the entire half marathon as planned today but did was able to do 8.04 miles so bumped down to the 10k instead. I ran alone on a course that is pretty hilly terrain in the very humid weather did not help but got out there and ran my heart out anyway. It was partly cloudy but still humid and a tough run and one of 3 halfs I had planned for this year. Arrrrrrrgh! to all ye Pirate mates out there that complete their runs I life my cup to you all! Arrrrrrrgh!
Kathleen Graham Getting back to walk/jog for exercise. I plan to do more!
Jon Eugenio FUN!!!! Great Family/Dog Activity and for a Good Cause! Jon
Holly Seiferth Fun and hope to do another soon!
Name/First Name/Last Feel free to write down anything about your experience walking/running the Run Like a Pirate event. We’d love to share your stories with other Moon Joggers throughout the world. Who did you run with? Who did you run for? How did you choose your course? Where did you run? What was the scenery like? What was your favorite thing about the event? Was the distance a challenge for you or just a practice run? What was the weather like? Anything else you want to add!
Stephanie Shipley Did a 5k color run/walk and had a blast!
Mark Spence Completed West Pinchbeck 10K at Spalding England, UK on 27 Sep 15. Finished in 9th place in 38:47 see results on website or
Colin Wright Best race time since February!
Kristin Long Awesome idea! Loved getting to run when I wanted to!
Nancy Gonzalez Arrrgh, not me best time mateys, but I did it….damn yer eyes!
Veronica Anderson Ahoy Mateys! In my pic you will notice my walking crew. We (myself and dogs) “set sail” for the island of school. We quickly made port and rescued the children from their daily incarceration. We then “set sail” once again to make our way home. One of the dogs didn’t have his sea legs but like any good Captain I carried him the rest of the way home. With out my crew my journey would be for nothing.
George Rochester Actually, I double dipped on this one and ran the Akron Half Marathon for a time of 2:25:25

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