This store contains race medals for our current races and from our past virtual races, which are on clearance.  We also have some apparel and other products.   When you sign up for a race that occurs later in the year, your medal and bib will ship a couple of weeks before the event starts. You can complete your race before you get your medal and bib, or you can wait until you have them. It's totally up to you.
Happy racing!

A virtual race is a race that can be run (or walked) from any location you choose. You can run, jog, or walk on the road, on the trail, on the treadmill, at the gym or on the track (or even at another race). You get to run your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself. Running and walking on your own, or with friends! And your medal will be shipped directly to you. Complete a virtual 5Ks, 10K, half marathon and more!

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Z. The Upside Down – 2020 Virtual Race

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 Our 2020 Upside Down 1M, 5K, 10K, 13.1, 26.2 is now open for registration!   Who else has become addicted to the new cult classic, Stranger Things?  We LOVE it! Season Three was AMAZING and we now cannot wait for Season Four!! Let’s join the gang from Hawkins Middle School and run (or walk) as fast as we can from the Upside Down!  Join us for our third annual, Upside Down 1M, 5K, 10K, 13.1, 26.2!


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Join the gang from Hawkins Middle School and run — or walk  — to the Upside Down! If you are a fan of the thrilling, cult-classic, Stranger Things you will love the theme of this virtual race. Season three of Stranger Things was incredible, and as we patiently wait for season four, we are thrilled to launch our third annual, “Upside Down”!

  • Upside down races are available in various distances
  • Races can be completed anytime in 2020!
  • A great event for any fans of Stranger Things
  • At least 15% of every entry will be donated to  Operation Underground Railroad

Easily-bingeable, Stranger Things will go down in history as one of the greatest sci-fi shows, and we are only three seasons in! If you love the show, you’ll enjoy participating in our “Upside Down” virtual race event. Run or walk your selected distance — choose from 1 mile, 5k, 10k, half-marathons, and full marathon virtual races — wherever and whenever you want and at your own pace! Upon completion of the race, a unique “Upside Down” medal that features The Mind Flayer. To learn more about this virtual running event, visit our site.

  • Race entry fee: $22 (includes a medal, bib, and shipping)
  • The Upside Down race packages ship out 2 to 5 days after you sign up.
  • Official ‘Upside Down’’ race swag is available here for a limited time only

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