Signs You Need New Running Shoes


Signs you need new running shoes

Experts recommend you replace your running shoes every 300 – 500 miles (500 to 750 kilometers) which is typically about 4 to 6 months for someone who runs approximately 20 miles per week. The rate at which shoes wear out varies drastically from person to person. It depends on the terrain you run on, your foot strike and running mechanics, and the weather you run in. Here are some signs to watch for:

ü  You have new aches and pains. If you notice your ankles, knees or hips start getting achy or hurting it is time for new shoes. This is a serious reason to invest as pain can lead to medical issues.

ü  Your feet get extra sore after a run. If you start noticing soreness and stiffness in the bottoms of your feet, especially your arches or balls of your feet. It might mean  your shoes have worn down to a shape that no longer fits your feet properly.

ü  The treads are worn out. If the treads or flex grooves, on your shoes are worn out its time.

ü  The midsole feels tough. If you press your thumb into the midsole of your shoe and it feels tough rather than slightly spongy it means the cushioning is compressed and no longer offers proper support. Time to get new shoes.

ü  You keep getting blisters or a burning sensation. If you are experiencing shoe rub on your skin the wrong way, you are all of sudden getting blisters or have burning sensations on your feet. Its time to get new shoes.

If you have a fitness watch or tracking app check to see if you can track your shoe mileage. Also, make sure you go to a running store to be properly fitted for shoes that are just right for you.

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