The Benefits of Running With Friends

A group of three men running in front of signage on a street.

Many runners love the sport for the solitude it affords. But what about those of us who prefer to socialize when we work out? If you’ve been feeling a little lonely during your sweat seshes, consider these benefits to running with one or more friends.

You’ll Push Yourself More

Running with a friend is a great source of motivation for meeting and exceeding your own goals. When you feel like giving up, you know you’ll have someone to encourage you to keep going, and vice-versa. Even if you and your friends aren’t on the exact same level of fitness or you have different goals, you can be there to support each other every step of the way. 

You’ll Have Great Conversation

Have you ever taken a walk with someone you hardly know, but once you start moving, the conversation flows as naturally as ever? That’s no coincidence. Studies show that exercise is not only a catalyst to better health; it can also inspire new ideas and fascinating conversations. Improved circulation and blood flow carries a higher level of oxygen to your brain and muscles, increasing energy and improving mental performance both during and after a workout. Best of all, talking with your running buddy can make even the longest courses feel way shorter!  

You’ll Meet New People

There’s no question that people enjoy being part of something bigger than themselves. So even if you only start by running with one friend, you may find that your group of two grows to five, and then 10, and then you’re in a full-scale runner’s club! Group fitness activities are gaining popularity for a reason. If you’re looking to strengthen existing relationships and expand your social circle at the same time, running with just one or two other people can be an excellent excuse to invite another pair of sneakers into the group. 

You’ll Share More Memories

No matter how many friends you go running with, if you make it a consistent routine, you’ll find that you consistently spend time together. From the pre-run dynamic stretches to sharing a post-workout meal, you and your friends will have good reason to be around each other more. Who knows? You and your friends might just motivate each other to run a marathon together. Sharing an accomplishment like that would be a truly powerful bonding experience. After all, you don’t run 26 miles every day!

Bottom Line

There’s nothing wrong with running by yourself, just as there’s nothing wrong with preferring to run in a group. If your friends are willing and able, ask them to join you on your next jog. You might be surprised how many people discover a newfound love of running thanks to a friend they already adore. 

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